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World History to 1920 CC

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World History to 1920 Common Core


This is a digital assignment calendar.  The assignments listed below are due on the dates listed.  This list is put on-line as a tool in order to help you organize your time in order to help you plan your homework as the year progresses.



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List of Assignment Due Dates (Assignments are due on the date indicated.)


Assignment                                                                                                                              Due Date


Classroom Policies and Expectations


1. Letter to Dupuis: Please write 2 paragraphs in which you                                             Tu. 9/11                                           

answer the question: "What does Mr. Dupuis need to know about

me as a learner in order for me to successful in this class?"



Greece Unit Resources


Chapter 4 Textbook

Course Intro Notes  (Having trouble viewing this?  Make sure you are logged into your RSU 21 browser before clicking on the link.)

Greece Notes 1 and 2.pdf  (Notes for Greece Part I and Part II)


Greece Part I Study Guide and Quizlet)

Greece Unit 1 Quizlet 

Greece Test part I Study Guide2014.doc 


Greece Part II Review Sheet


2.  Greece Map.  Label all items on the map.                                                                   Th. 9/13


3. Read pages 108-113.  Complete Ch. 4.1 Worksheet                                                  Mon. 9/17


4. Read pages 115-120.  Complete Ch. 4.2 worksheet                                                  Wed. 9/19


5. Greece Test Part I.  See review Quizlet above and study                                        Mon. 10/1

review sheet completed in class on 9/28.


6. Exit Slip                                                                                             Th. 10/18

-What were the 4 lessons of the Persian Wars?

-What 3 actions did Athens take to signal that it had made the Delian League a part of their empire?


7. Illustrations                                                                                     Mon. 10/22

-Draw 3 illustrations to answer this question: What 3 actions did Athens take to signal that it had made the Delian League a part of their empire?


8.  Greece Part II Test                                                                      Wed. 10/24

-Be sure to study the review sheet completed in class on 10/22!


Quarter 2


1. Alexander, worksheet questions                                             Mon. 11/5


2. Alexander, rough draft                                                            Wed. 11/9


3. Final Draft of Alexander the Great Essay                               Wed. 11/14




Classnotes.  Rome Notes.pdf

Quizlet for Rome Unit


4. Roman Numeral Quiz I-XXIII                                        Mon. 12/3


5. Quiz over Roman Republic Terms                                   Wed. 12/5


6. South America geography quiz                                      Th. 12/13                                                                

South America Map.doc

-Students will be expected to identify countries and major geographic features.

This link will help you practice labeling the countries of South America.  http://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/map-quiz-south-america.php


7. Rome Test                                                                      Fri. 12/21

-Study review sheet completed in class on Wed. 12/19.


UNIT 3 RESOURCES: Monotheistic (Abrahamic) Religions


Religion Notes.pdf (Monotheistic/ Abrahamic Religions)


Quizzlet (Monotheistic Religions) 


Textbook Chapter 5  (Use this in order to complete today's homework assignment.)


Quarter 3


1. Rise and Spread of Islam reading and questions 1-4                              1/31        


2. North America Geo. Quiz.                                                                           2/6


3. The Religion of Islam reading and questions 1-4,6                                   2/8


4. Islam Test                                                                                                    2/14


5. Notebook Check                                                                                          2/27

Notebook Requirements


6. Pilgrimage to Mecca Common Assessment                                               3/1



Mid-Term Exam Information


The Mid-Term Exam will consist of 75-100 multiple choice questions and 10-15 short answer questions.  The best way to prepare for this exam is to study your tests, quizzes and notes from the first semester.  Although the tests provide the best study guide, you will also benefit from studying the information in this Mid-Term Exam Quizlet


Quarter 3


1.  The Rise and Spread of Islam reading/handout                                             Th. 1/31

Answer questions 1-4 


2. North America geography quiz.  (Includes Latin America and the Caribbean)    Fri. 2/8

Study Guide

Extra Practice Quiz (North America)  http://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3015


3. Reading and questions. Islam section 2 (1-4, 6 on p. 25)                              Fri. 2/8


4. Islam Test                                                                                                      Th. 2/14


5. Notebook check                                                                                             Wed.  2/27


6. Middle Ages worksheet (1-4)                                                                      Tu. 3/5


7. Joan of Arc (1/2 p. reflection)                                                                      Mon. 3/11


8.  European geography quiz                                                                              Fri. 3/15

 You will only be responsible for identifying countries on this quiz.



9. Feudal Contract Illustrations                                                                                Wed. 3/13


10. Middle Ages Test                                                                                        Fri. 3/29

-We will complete a review sheet with everything that you need to know

for this test on Wed. 3/27.  Please study the information on that sheet.


Quarter 4


1. Reformation Test                                                                                          Wed. 4/10



2. Notebook Check                                                                                          Wed. 4/24

Notebook should include the following:

1. South America Quiz

2. North America Quiz

3. Islam Notes

4. Islam Test

5. Europe quiz

6. Middle Ages Notes

7. Middle Ages Test

8. Reformation Notes

9. Reformation Test

10. Absolutism Notes


3. Africa Quiz.                                                                                                 Fri. 4/26

(You will just be responsible for the 20 countries listed on the review sheet and on this practice quiz.)



4. Modern day absolute monarch -Reading and Worksheet                         Th. 5/2


5. Absolutism Test                                                                                          Fri. 5/10

Review Sheet


6. Les Miserables Worksheet                                                                      Mon. 5/20


French Revolution Notes


7. French Revolution Notes Worksheet #2                                             Fri. 5/24

French Revolution Documentary for 5/24




















CAUTION!!!  The information below this line is to be used for reference only.  All assignments that are due will be listed above this line and will have a date listed next to them. 







7. Family Tree Project                                                                                               

Family Tree Project.doc

Family Tree Presentation Peer Evaluation Form.doc


8. What is Judaism worksheet.                                             



9.  Family Tree Presentation Reflection                             


-Write a 1/2 to 1 page reflection over your presentation.  (An easy way to write this is to first explain the things that you think went well, and then explain the things that you could improve in future presentations.  Peer evaluation forms must be stapled to the back of this reflection and handed in, so this assignment should not be submitted electronically.








Mid-Term Exam Information


The Mid-Term Exam will consist of 75-100 multiple choice questions and 10-15 short answer questions.  The best way to prepare for this exam is to study your tests, quizzes and notes from the first semester.  Although the tests provide the best study guide, you will also benefit from studying the information in this Mid-Term Exam Quizlet




1. Semester 1 Reflection                                                                      


2. Fall of Rome worksheet packet                                                       


3. Rome Common Assessment                                                           


4. North American Geography Map                                                   

-Label countries and geographic features.


5. North American geography quiz.                                                                                                   

North America Map 2014.doc

(Blank Map)

Extra Practice Quiz (North America)  http://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3015


6.  Middle Ages Test                                                                           

Review Quizlet


7. Label map of Europe with countries.                                            


8. European geography quiz                                                                                       

You will be responsible for countries only.



Unit 5: Renaissance/Reformation


Ren Reformation Notes.pdf

Reformation Test CP Review sheet 2017.doc


9. Martin Luther Wks and Reflections                                                  


10. Queens of Henry VIII sketches                                                       


11. Ref. Practice Terms                                                                           


12. Reformation Test                                                                           


13. P. 517 Questions (1,2,4)                                                                 




1. Travels in France OPVL                                                            


2. Les Miserables Wks.                                                                 


3. Copernicus Wks.                                                                           


4. Africa Map Wks.                                                                      


5. Africa Quiz                                                                                



Enlightement and Revolution Notes.pdf

Review Sheet:  Enlight. & Fr. Rev. Review Sheet 2016.docx

Study Quizlet





6. Enlightenment and French Rev. Test                                       


7. Napoleon Documentary assignment                                       


8. Law of Unintended Consequences Wks.                                 


9. All Quiet on the Western Front Worksheet                              



Final Exam Quizle

In addition to this quizlet, you should study the geography maps of South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa in order to prepare for this exam.

Testbook MUST be returned prior to the exam.  Please turn them in as soon as possible.




This page is under construction below this point.  Please use with caution.
















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