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PSYC 100

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Summer Assignment:  Each student must purchase their own textbook for this course.  Please make sure that you purchase yours before the school year starts.  


TO THE STUDENT: HOW TO ORDER THE TEXTBOOK DIRECTLY FROM ACADEMIC MEDIA SOLUTIONS TO GET THE BEST VALUE - Go to https://academicmediasolutions.textbookmedia.com. Register. It will take about 60 seconds. You will be taken to My Account. You will see "You currently have no books to view." To find your textbook, PSYCHOLOGY,  Eighth Edition by Sdorow/Rickabaugh/Betz. click on Booklist. Locate the book and click on Pricing Details. You will have four options for the format (e-book, pdf, and print: paperback or loose-leaf). Read the descriptions and make your choice. Click on Add to Cart, then Checkout. Then you'll see a page for Review Order. Once processed, eBook orders will be in My Account . Print orders may take up to seven business days, but you'll have the online book immediately available in My Account.

We do work with your campus bookstore. Since our books are priced so reasonably in the first place they generally still remain very affordable for students even when sold through the bookstore after they apply their regular markup. Here is the bookstore ordering information for your upcoming semester:

Authors: Sdorow/Rickabaugh/Betz 
Title: PSYCHOLOGY, Eighth Edition 
Student Formats and Ordering ISBNs: 

- Online eBook (full-color): $39.95 
- Loose-leaf/Three-hole-punched Version (B/W): $54.95
- Paperback (B/W): $59.95
- Paperback (full-color): $73.95

Publisher: Academic Media Solutions
For the Bookstore Orders (Just in case): Have your bookstore visit our bookstore page on our website at 
https://www.academicmediasolutions.com/place-an-order-bookstores. Here they can place their order or find a variety of other important information (pricing, formats, and  policies). They can contact us directly at orders@academicmediasolutions.com if they need further assistance.


Use the following resources to prepare for upcoming tests. 






Class Notes


(Chapter 1) Ch. 1 Notes  


Unit 1 Quizlet  (Chap. 1) 




(Chapter 2) Ch.  2 notes

(Chapter 17) Chapter 17 Notes.




Unit 2 Quizlet (Chapters 2 and 17) 






Class Notes  biopsychology notes.pdf (Old Notes-reference only)

Updated Unit Notes (Study these)


PSYC 100 Unit 3 Quizlet 

Study Guide 




Child Devo notes.pdf

Erikson's Theory

Quizlet for this exam  https://quizlet.com/127441124/human-development-unit-flash-cards/?new




Chapter 5. Sensation and Perception Notes


Chapter 6 Altered States of Consciousness Notes   ASoC Notes.pdf  (ASoC Unit Class Notes)

 Drug Information Sheet


Unit 5: Ch. 5 and 6 Quizlet


Unit 6 Learning


Ch. 7 Learning Notes

Ch. 8 Memory Notes



Unit 7 Thought, Language and Intelligence

Chapter 9 Notes

Chapter 10 Notes



Unit 8 Motivation


Chapter 11 Notes


Final Exam































Class Notes   

New Class Notes in progress                                                                                                  

Unit 1 Quizlet 




Unit 2 notes

Unit 2 Notes (text) (Chapter 2)

Unit 2, Chapter 17 Notes.

Unit 2 Quizlet






Class Notes  biopsychology notes.pdf (Old Notes-reference only)

Updated Unit Notes (Study these)


PSYC 100 Unit 3 Quizlet 

Study Guide 




Child Devo notes.pdf

Erikson's Theory

Quizlet for this exam  https://quizlet.com/127441124/human-development-unit-flash-cards/?new




Chapter 5. Sensation and Perception Notes


Chapter 6 Altered States of Consciousness Notes   ASoC Notes.pdf  (ASoC Unit Class Notes)

 Drug Information Sheet


Unit 5: Ch. 5 and 6 Quizlet


Unit 6 Learning


Ch. 7 Learning Notes

Ch. 8 Memory Notes



Unit 7 Thought, Language and Intelligence

Chapter 9 Notes

Chapter 10 Notes



Unit 8 Motivation


Chapter 11 Notes














6. Please use these three links in class on Monday 11/25.

Jean Piaget


Strange Situation








11. Dream Paper                                                                            Fri. 1/3/2020

- This paper can be written in 3 paragraphs which should come out to 1 page in length.  In each paragraph tell me about a dream that you have had recently, and then explain which of the dreams theories that we covered in class best fits each dream.  Remember: Dreams for Survival Theory has nothing to do with dream content so don't use that one for this paper.


12. Nightlife Worksheet                                                                 Tu. 1/7


13. Drug Category Presentations                                                   Tu. 1/7




14. Ch. 5 Reading Comprehension Quiz                                        Th. 1/9


15.  Penny Lab                                                                                wed. 1/15

Find your https://lasikofnv.com/try-these-3-fun-tests-to-find-your-visual-blind-spot/


16. Complete worksheet over video watched in class.                    Wed. 1/15

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb4TM19DYDY&t=915s  (Link to Daniel Simons Video.)


17. Test over Chapters 5 and 6.  

Altered States of Consciousness/ Sensation and Perception          Fri. 1/17




Mid-Term Exam                                                                                Fri. 1/24

Test Make Up:  106 multiple choice questions, 12 questions labeling the parts of the brain and neuron and 13 short answer questions.  30 of the multiple choice questions are from the text, the rest are from concepts covered in the notes.  


Quizlet  (This is the Quizlet from my semester psychology class.  Use this to get started.  In addition to this I highly recommend that you study your old tests, quizzes and readings from the first 6 chapters of the text.  Good luck!)


Quarter 3


1. Chapter 7 Reading Comprehension Quiz                                    Mon. 2/3


2. Rain Man Worksheet                                                                 Mon. 2/3



3. Videos for worksheets done in class on 2/7/20                                        Due at end of class on 2/7/20

How to potty train your cat.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4wka4aKtZE&tZE=&t=138s


Old Spice



4. Chapter 8 Reading Comprehension Quiz                                   Mon. 2/24


5. Watch, "The Mind Explained: Episode 1 "Memory" on Netflix     Mon. 2/24

and complete the following worksheet.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TVs7qw0IEn4amTqtRUlWK8C9LXmPgPp7iJvHkAV-ihg/edit?usp=sharing

(Please see me to schedule a time to watch it if you do not have access to Netflix.  It has a 20 minute running time.







Chapter 7-8 Test                                                                           Tu. 3/3





Chapter 9 Reading Comprehension Quiz.                                   Wed. 3/11



Coronavirus Plans


Out of an abundance of caution the school district has asked each teacher to prepare for a possible school closure due to the Coronavirus.  All students are asked to have their textbooks and laptops available at home.  Assignments will be posted on this website according to the blue/white calendar at KHS.  Please follow the directions carefully and email any questions that you have to me at tdupuis@rsu21.net.  I will respond to your email during regular school hours.  


Tuesday 3/17 Online Lesson 1


-Good Morning.  It looks like we are going to be learning Psychology online for at least a couple of weeks.  I will post a lesson for each day that we have class.  The nature of online classes requires a great deal of independence on your part.  Please stay on top of your assignments and let me know if you have any questions.


I. Go to Google Classroom and join the class.  g5c546q  (You will be graded for this.)


II. Grab a pen and a notebook and watch this lesson over chapter 9.

First Video Please watch both

Second Video


III. Watch the two videos embedded in this worksheet.  Make a copy of it in Google Drive.  Complete it, and then email it to me at tdupuis@rsu21.net.  Due Thurs. 3/19


IV. Email me if you have any questions.


Thursday 3/19  Online Lesson 2


I. Read Chapter 10 in your textbook and take this take                         Due. Mon. 3/23

reading check quiz.  (Open Book, but work independently please).


II.  Please answer this on the answer sheet posted in Google Classroom.  Thank you!






Monday 3/23 Online Lesson 3


I. Watch video lesson over Ch. 10 part I 


(I hope to have the video posted by 2 p.m on 3/23.  I am having technical difficulties.)                                  

II.  Complete this worksheet.                                                                Due Wed. 3/25


Wednesday 3/25 Online Lesson 4


I. Watch video lesson over Chapter 10 Part 2


II. Read, "How should we respond to The Bell Curve?" on pages          Due Fri. 3/27

364-365 and answer the questions posted on Google Classroom.


Friday 3/27 Online Lesson 5


I. Complete Take Home Test Unit 8 (Chapters 9/10)                              Due Tu. 3/31

Test posted to Google Drive. Good luck!





Tuesday 3/31 Online Lesson 6 Day of Happiness


I. Please watch the short video above. 

II. Since we just finished a unit.  Use this day to get caught up, take a nap, laugh, connect with a friend online, go for a walk outside, or do something to make you happy.


Thursday 4/2 Online Lesson Day 7


I. Please read Chapter 11 in your textbook and complete the                Due Mon. 4/6

reading check quiz posted on Google Drive.


Monday 4/6 Online Learning Lesson Day 8


I. Watch the lecture over Motivation Lesson 1.


II. Complete the Why do we procrastinate? worksheet on Google Classroom   Due Wed. 4/8


Wednesday 4/8 Online Learning Lesson Day 9


I. Watch the lecture over Motivation Lesson 2: Hunger


II.  Spend time getting caught up in classes and preparing.  Unit 9 Exam will be coming up soon.


Friday 4/10 Online Learning Lesson Day 10


I. Watch the lecture over Motivation Lesson 3: Sex Drive


II. Read, "Is there a Gay Brain? on page 397 and answer the                Due: 4/14

questions on the worksheet sent to you on Google Classroom.


Tuesday 4/14/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 11     


I. Watch the lecture over the last part of Ch. 11: Motivation

II. No assignment.  


Thursday 4/16/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 12


I. Complete test over Unit 9: Chapter's 10 & 11.  Test will be posted on Google          Due Tues. 4/28



Tuesday 4/28/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 13


I. Read Chapter 12 and take the Reading Check Quiz posted                                   Due. Thurs. 4/30

on Google Classroom.


Thursday 4/30/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 14


I. Watch the lecture over the first part of Chapter 12.


II. Read pages 416-418.  Answer these questions:                                        Due: Mon. 5/4

1. How reliable are lie detector tests?

2. Do you feel the average American believes that these tests are reliable?  Why or why not?

3. What documentary did Mr. Dupuis watch too much of over vacation?


Monday 5/4/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 15


I. Read Ch. 13 over Personality and complete the reading check               Due Wed. 5/6

quiz posted on Google Classroom.


Wednesday 5/6/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 16


I. Watch this very short video from Mr. Dupuis.


II. Watch this video lecture on The Experience of Emotion.


III. Read this article about humor.


Friday 5/8/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 17


I. Watch this video about the last part of Ch. 12 emotion


II. Watch this video about the first part of Ch. 13 personality


III.  Watch the short video and complete the worksheet on the Barnum Effect                      Due Tues. 5/12

*Worksheet has been posted to Google Classroom.


Tuesday 5/12/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 18                                        


I. Watch this video about the second part of Ch. 13 Personality


II. Complete Unit 9 Take Home Test (Chapters 12 &13)                                                  Due Thurs. 5/14

*This is the last assignment for seniors who are doing the senior project.


Thursday 5/14/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 19


I. Read chapter 14 and complete Reading Check Quiz on Google Classroom.               Due Mon. 5/18


Monday 5/18/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 20     


I. Watch the video and complete the worksheets on Google Classroom.                                        Due Wed. 5/20


Wednesday 5/20/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 21  (wow...that's amazing.  Who would have thought we'd be out this long when we left in the middle of March...)


I. Watch the video over Psychological Disorders part I.


II. Read, "Does the Insanity Defense Let Many Violent Criminals Escape Punishment"               Due: Fri. 5/22

on pages 486-487.  And write a 1/2 to 1 page reflection explaining how you feel about this issue. 

Should we have it in our legal system?


Friday 5/22/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 22


I. Watch this short video message from Mr. Dupuis

II. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


Wednesday 5/27/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 23


I. Watch the video lecture over Ch. 14.2


II. Read this short article about the types of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.


Friday 5/29/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 24


I. Take a look at Dissociative Dissorders on pages 500-502


II. Watch this short video about a person with DID.


III.  Email Mr. Dupuis the answers to the two Section Review questions on               Due: 6/2/20

page 502 and add a third question in which you reflect on the video.  What are you thoughts about this?  Is this what you thought someone with DID would look like?  What do you think it would be like to be a single parent with DID?  Etc.


Tuesday 6/2/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 25


I. Watch this video lecture over Ch. 14, part III and this one Ch. 14, part 3.2


II. Watch this short video to learn more about Conversion Disorder.


Thursday 6/4/20 Online Learning Lesson Day 26


I. Watch this video message from Mr. Dupuis


II. Fill out this course survey for Mr. Dupuis if you haven't already done so. https://forms.gle/Vt9gDwfqNfBn4hgT6


III. Turn in any missing assignments.


IV. Be watching your email for course evaluations and pass/fail option emails from SMCC.


V. Have a great summer!



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