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World History to 1920 CP

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Welcome to your class's website for the 2020-2021 school year.  This website will list EVERYTHING you need for the class including: class notes, review Quizlets, assignment dates and important announcements.  Please check this calendar frequently and use it in combination with your assignment calendars. 



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List of Assignment Due Dates (Assignments are due on the date indicated.)


Assignment                                                                                                                              Due Date


Unit 1 Resources: Greece


Class Notes:

Greece Notes


Textbook :

Chapter 4 Textbook


Review Materials:


Greece Part I Study Guide and Quizlet)

Greece Unit 1 Quizlet 

Greece Test part I Study Guide2014.doc 

Greece Part II Review Sheet



UNIT 2 Resources: ROME 




 Rome Notes.pdf


Review Materials:


Quizlet for Rome Unit




UNIT 3 Resources: World Religions


Unit Notes:


Religion Notes.pdf (Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)

Hinduism and Buddhism Notes


Review Materials:


Quizlet (Monotheistic Religions) 

Abrahamic Religion Rev. Sheet.doc



UNIT 4 Resources: Middle Ages


Unit Notes: 

Middle Ages Notes


Review Materials





Mid-Term Exam Information


The Mid-Term Exam will consist of 75-100 multiple choice questions and 10-15 short answer questions.  The best way to prepare for this exam is to study your tests, quizzes and notes from the first semester.  Although the tests provide the best study guide, you will also benefit from studying the information in this Mid-Term Exam Quizlet



Students will have 90 minutes to complete the exam.  Those student who need more time than that may stay in class, or on the Google Meet, to complete the test.  No student will be able to leave the exam and return at a later time to complete it.




UNIT 5 Resources: Renaissance/ Reformation


Class notes 


Renaissance Notes 2023


Ren Reformation Notes.pdf 


Review Materials:


Reformation Test CP Review sheet 2017.doc

Reformation Quizlet



Unit 6 Resources: Absolutism


Class notes: 


Absolutism Notes.pdf


Review Materials: 


 Absolutism Quizlet 



Unit 7 Resources:  Enlightenment and Revolution 


Class Notes:

Enlightement and Revolution Notes.pdf



Review Materials:  


Enlight. & Fr. Rev. Review Sheet 2016.docx



Unit 8 Resources:  Napoleon, Congress of Vienna and the Industrial Revolution Resources


Class notes:


 Napoleon- Congress of Vienna Notes.doc  


Review Materials




Unit 9 Resources: Imperialism and WWI  


Class notes:


Imperialism Class Notes


Review Materials:


Imperialism-WWI Quizlet



Unit 10 Resources: World War I


Class Notes:


WWI Class Notes


Review Materials:


Pleas see Final Exam Quizlet.  Due to the timing of this unite, all questions over World War I will be covered on the final exam. Review questions for WWI can be found on the Final Exam Quizlet below.


Final Exam:


Final Exam Quizlet  (Final Exam covers all units and content from the second semester.  Please study your unit tests and class notes in addition to using this Quizlet in order to prepare adequately.)




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