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World History to 1920 Honors

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World History to 1920 Honors


This is a digital assignment calendar.  The assignments listed below are due on the dates listed.  Please make sure that you are logged into your RSU 21 account in order to access the documents on this page.


Classroom Policies and Expectations


ASSIGNMENTS                                                                            Due Dates


1. Letter to Dupuis: Please write 2 paragraphs in which you                                             Thurs. 9/5

answer the question: "What does Mr. Dupuis need to know about

me as a learner in order for me to successful in this class?"

(Make sure that your name, date, title and class are written at the top of the letter.)


  Intro Lesson (Having trouble viewing this?  Make sure that you are logged into your RSU 21 account in order to view shared files.)



2.  Read pages 108-113 (Ch. 4.1) and study for a reading comprehension quiz.*                 Mon. 9/9

Reading comprehension quizzes are intended to help you practice the skill

of reading and remembering the content of information texts.  This is a 

skill that you will need in college.  Since these quizzes are often taken prior to 

the content being taught in class, the point value of each quiz is minimal.

(You may use one page of handwritten notes for this quiz.  One page,

both sides.)


Greece Unit Resources


Chapter 4 Textbook


Greece Notes 1 and 2.pdf


Greece Test part I Study Guide2014.doc


Greece Part I Quizlet


Greece Part II Quizlet


Greece Part II Study Guide


3.  Greece Map.  Use your textbook to label the following                                         Fri. 9/13

map of Greece.  Greece Map                                                                                                                


4.  Read pages 115-120 (ch. 4.2) and study for a Reading Comprehension            Tu. 9/17

quiz.  You may use one page (double-sided) of hand-written                                       



5. Complete worksheet packet over Homer, Solon, and Athenian Myths.                Mon. 9/23


6. Greece Test Part I                                                                                                 Wed. 9/25

Optional Review Session.  Wednesday 9/25 8:35-8:55 A.M  Room C140


7. Read Ch. 4.3-4.4 (pgs. 121-133) and study for a reading comprehension          Fri. 9/27

quiz.  You may use one page of handwritten notes on this quiz.


The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization Worksheet                                                     9/27


8. Complete the following common assessment over Herodotus's                           Wed. 10/2

description ( Book 7.36) of the bridge that Xerxes's army created to cross the Hellespont.

You will need the to read the following link (https://www.ancient.eu/herodotus/ ) in order to answer the first question.  


9.  Watch documentary and complete worksheet.                                                      Wed. 10/9



10.  Greece Test Part II                                                                                               Tues. 10/15


11. Complete Alexander the Great t-chart for each document                                 Fri. 10/18




11. Was Alexander Truly Great?  6 paragraph essay                                            Tues. 10/22

Thesis Statement and Helpful Tips


Rome Unit Resources


Classnotes.  Rome Notes.pdf

Worksheet for Rome Documentary Rome: The Ultimate Empire.  

Quizlet for Rome Unit

Rome Exam Hon Review Sheet 2015.doc


12. Read Ch. 5.1-5.2 (pgs. 149-162) and study for a reading                                         Th. 10/24                      

comprehension quiz.  You may use one page (double sided)

of handwritten notes.


13. Watch the documentary Rome: The Ultimate Empire and complete the following

worksheet in class on 10/22.


Quarter 2


1. Complete worksheet packet over Hannibal movie.                                              11/5

Link to Hannibal movie for class.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCYLHTrZ_Z4&t=2702s


2. Study Roman numerals I - XXIII and study for a quiz.                                        11//7


3. Read chapter 5.4-5.5 (pgs. 169-178) and study for a comprehension                    11/14

quiz over the reading.  You may use one page of handwritten notes for this quiz.


4. Rome Test                                                                                                              11/18


5. Read chapter 2.3 (pgs. 54-60) and study for a comprehension                             11/20

quiz over thereading.  You may use one page of handwritten notes for this quiz.


6. Fall of Rome Essay                                                                                               11/22

Documents including color copy of map


7. South America geography quiz                                                                            11/26                                           South America Map.doc

-Students will be expected to identify countries and major geographic features.

This link will help you practice labeling the countries of South America.  http://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/map-quiz-south-america.php





Religion Notes.pdf (Monotheistic/ Abrahamic Religions)


Quizzlet (All five religions) 

Religion Review Sheet 2014.doc


Hind-Budd Notes 2016.pdf



8. Islam Empire of Faith Worksheet                                                                 11/26

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF6VPZsHDZQ (video)


(We will watch this video in class on 11/26 and you will complete the questions while we watch it.)


9. Read pages 190-202 (Ch. 6.1-6.2) and study for a comprehension          12/9

quiz. You may use one page (double-sided) of handwritten notes on this quiz.


10.   A Pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca) Common Assessment                         12/11



11. Monotheism mini-quiz                                                                                12/13


12. Religions Test                                                                                             12/17

See notes, review sheet, and Quizlet above.

Optional review session.  Monday 12/16 2:20 p.m.




Middle Ages Notes.pdf (unit notes)

Middle Ages Self-Study Guide.doc

Chapter 9

Chapter 10



13. Read Ch. 9.1-9.2 (pgs. 285-296) and study for a reading                         Th. 12/19

comprehension quiz.  You may use on page of handwritten notes on this quiz.


Joan of Arc:  Short reading for background information.



14. North America geography quiz.  (Includes Latin America                         Wed. 1/8/20

and the Caribbean)         

Study Guide

Extra Practice Quiz (North America)  http://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3015


15. Read pages (Ch. 9.3-9.4) 297-308.  Answer ten Reading Check questions embedded            Fri. 1/10     

in the reading.  Please number these question sequentially from 1 to 10.


16. Middle Ages Quiz                                                                         Th. 1/16

Short quiz.  Study notes from class.  10-15 questions. Cancelled due to snow day.  Middle Ages will be included on the Mid-Term Exam so be sure to review this material prior to the exam.


17. Midterm Exam                                                                                Block 2  Tues. 1/21 10:15-11:45

                                                                                                             Block 3  Wed.  1/22 9:00-10:30


* The best source of review information for this exam is to study the following: tests, quizzes and class notes from this semester.  You may also review Quizlets from the units previously covered in class.


Quarter 3


Unit 5: Renaissance/Reformation


Ren Reformation Notes.pdf (Class Notes)

Review Sheet  Reformation Review Sheet (1) (3).doc

Reformation Quizlet



1.  Read pages 375-387 (Ch. 12.1-12.2) and study for a reading               Fri. 1/31

comprehension quiz.  You may use one page (double-sided) of

handwritten notes on this quiz.


2. Step 1.  Read chapters 1-4 and make a list of the advice that          Tu. 2/4

Machiavelli gives to the prince about how to govern a principality. 

Please create a Google Document for this and organize your work by chapter. 

At the end of each chapter, make a list of personality traits a leader would need in order 

to carry out that advice successfully.

 The Prince  https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1232/1232-h/1232-h.htm


3. Step 2.  Read chapters 5-8 and make a list of the advice that          Th. 2/6--MON. 2/10 -SNOW DAY

Machiavelli gives to the prince about how to govern a principality. 

Please add your work to the same Google Document used in Step 1.  

At the end of each chapter, make a list of personality traits a leader would need in order 

to carry out that advice successfully.


4. Read pages 389-401 (Ch. 12.3-12.4) and answer the Reading          Mon. 2/10

Check questions embedded in the reading.


5. European geography quiz                                                                    Wed. 2/12    

 You will only be responsible for identifying countries on this quiz.



6. Middle Ages-Reformation Test                                                            Fri. 2/14


7. Read. Ch. 14.1-14.2 (pgs. 429-439) and prepare for a reading        Th. 2/27

comprehension quiz.  You may use one page of handwritten

notes on this quiz.


8. Henry VIII and Louis XIV Quiz                                                            Wed. 3/4


9. Cromwell worksheet over documentary                                              Tues. 3/12


We will watch the last few minutes of this in class on Thursday.


10.  Africa Quiz                                                                                       Th. 3/12                                                        Practice Quiz                 

You will only be responsible for being able to correctly identify the 

countries of Africa.


Unit 6: Absolutism


Notes:  Absolutism Notes.pdf


 Absolutism Quizlet (This is a study tool.  It does not include everything you will need to know on the test.)






Coronavirus Plans


Out of an abundance of caution the school district has asked each teacher to prepare for a possible school closure due to the Coronavirus.  All students are asked to have their textbooks and laptops available at home.  Assignments will be posted on this website according to the blue/white calendar at KHS.  Please follow the directions carefully and email any questions that you have to me at tdupuis@rsu21.net.  I will respond to your email during regular school hours.  


Monday 3/16 Online Lesson 1


-Good Morning.  It looks like we are going to be learning World History online for at least a couple of weeks.  I will post a lesson for each day that we have class.  The nature of online classes requires a great deal of independence on your part.  Please stay on top of your assignments and let me know if you have any questions.


I. Go to Google Classroom and join the class.   rowxacs  (You will be graded for this.)


II.   Grab a pen and a notebook and watch the first 3 minutes of this video and last three minutes of this video.   video lesson (There were audio issues on this one so I rerecorded them below.  They should work.)

Absolutism Video Part I

Absolutism Lesson Part II



III. Cromwell Documentary Link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6SM3PjexkU 

(Block 2 watch last 5 min. Block 3 watch last 15 min.)


IV. Homework link Complete this an then email it to me when completed. Due. Wed. 3/17.


V. Email me if you have any questions at tdupuis@rsu21.net 


Wednesday 3/18 Online Lesson 2


I. Read pages 444 (Begin with Absolutism in Central and Eastern          Due. Fri. 3/20

Europe) through p. 451 and answer the questions on the worksheet

posted on Google Classroom.


Friday 3/20 Online Lesson 3


I. Complete take home test over Absolutism Unit.                                   Due. Tues. 3/24

Test is posted in Google Classroom.



Enlightement and Revolution Notes.pdf

Review Sheet:  Enlight. & Fr. Rev. Review Sheet 2016.docx

Enlightenment and French Revolution Quizlet



Tuesday 3/24 Online Lesson 4


I. Watch lectures over Enlightenment.  Part I   Part II


II. Read. pages 511-525.  Answer reading check questions.                         Due 3/26/20



Thursday 3/26 Online Lesson 5                                                                 Due 3/30/20


I. Read Ch. 18.1 pgs. 547-553.  Answer the 3 reading check questions.

Read. Eyewitness to History on p. 554 and answer questions 1-3.




Monday 3/30/20  Online Learning Lesson 6


I. Watch short 2 week update video above.


II. Watch this lesson over the causes of the Fr. Rev. and take notes.


III. Choose ONE of the following:  Draw your own illustration showing                    Due Wed. 4/1

the inequity of the Estate System.  (See the political cartoon around

10:12 mark in the video) OR write a 1/2-1 page paper (double-spaced)

comparing and contrasting the Estate System with the social classes in the United States.


Wednesday 4/1/20 Online Learning Lesson 7


I. Read pages 555-561.  Answer the 4 Reading Check questions.            Due 4/3/20


Friday 4/3/20 Online Learning Lesson 8


I. Watch the documentary over the French Revolution.


II. Complete the worksheet put on Google Classroom as you watch the documentary.  Due Tues. 4/7


Tuesday 4/7/20 Online Learning Lesson 9


I. Watch lecture over governments of Fr. Revolution.


II. Complete worksheet over important events of the Fr. Rev.                              Due Thurs. 4/9

found on Google Classroom.


Thursday 4/9/20 Online Learning Lesson 10


I. Read pages Ch. 18.3 (pgs. 563-569) and Ch. 19.2 (pgs. 589-594)               Due Mon. 4/13

and answer the 9 Reading Check questions completely.  Please number

each question 1-9.   


Monday 4/12/20 Online Learning Lesson 11


I. Take the test over the Enlightenment and French Revolution.                    Due Wed. 4/14/20

You may use your notes and textbook to help you.  I would not suggest

using Google.  It will often lead to the wrong answer on these types of tests.

Test is posted on Google Classroom.


Wednesday 4/14/20 Online Learning Lesson 12                                            


I. Finish Take Home Exam                                                                      Due Wed. 4/14/20


II. Are you interested in competing in a Google Hangouts version of the Geography Championship?

If so, put your name on this form.  Sign up by 4/26.  Participants will be randomly seeded and we will begin the week of 4/27.


Napoleon, Congress of Vienna and the Industrial Revolution Resources

Napoleon- Congress of Vienna Notes.doc  (Class Notes)

Quizlet for review.  Please study your class notes.




Imperialism Class Notes


Monday 4/27/20 Online Learning Lesson 13                              


I. Open the worksheet below on Google Classroom and look at the

changes Napoleon made to the government in red and then watch this video lesson.


II.  Complete the worksheet over Napoleon posted on Google Classroom.            Due Wed. 4/29/20



Wednesday 4/29/20 Online Learning Lesson 14


I. Watch the following lessons over Napoleon part II and part III.


II.  Read this document and answer the four questions contained within.


Friday 5/1/20 Online Learning Lesson 15


I. Watch the World Geography Championship LIVE at 11:30 A.M. on 5/1/20

Better yet...play along!  (Please log in a few minutes early using the link emailed to you on Thursday.)


II. Watch this video lecture over the Congress of Vienna.


III. Read pages 581-588 (19.1) and 596-603 (19.3 and answer                                       Due: Tues. 5/5

the 9 Reading Check questions highlighted in green within the reading.)


Tuesday 5/5/20  Online Learning Lesson 16


I. Watch this short video message.


II. Read pages 618-634 and answer the 12 Reading Check questions                         Due: Thurs 5/7

highlighted in green in the chapter.  (Caution: This assignment starts at the last section

of Ch. 20.1 (I want you to read the section on Organizing the Working Classes).


Thursday 5/7/20 Online Learning Lesson 17


I. Watch this lecture over the Revolutions of 1848.


II.  Read p. 647 to p. 660 and answer the 11 Reading Check questions embedded       Due: Mon. 5/11/20

in the reading.  


Monday 5/11/20 Online Learning Lesson 18


I. Watch this video lesson over imperialism.


II. Answer the four questions highlighted in yellow in the lecture notes covered today.


Wednesday 5/13/20 Online Learning Lesson 19


I. Watch this video lesson over imperialism part II.


II. Complete the test over Congress of Vienna-Imperialism placed on                              Due. Fri. 5/15/20

Google Classroom.


Friday 5/15/20 Online Learning Lesson 20                    


I. Read pgs. 662-665 and and answer questions 1-3 on p. 665.                               Due Tues. 5/19/20


Tuesday 5/19/20 Online Learning Lesson 21                                                       


I. Read pages 716-720 answer questions 1-8 (skip #3) on p. 720                              Due: Thur. 5/21/20


Thursday 5/21/20 Online Learning Lesson 22     


I. Watch this intro. video lecture over the causes of WWI.


II. Watch this short video about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.


III. Read pages 721-727.  Answer the 5 Reading Check questions                              Due Mon. 5/25/20

highlighted in green throughout the reading.


Tuesday 5/26/20 Online Learning Lesson 23


I. Watch Episode I of WWI in Color and then write a 1/2 to 1 page reflection in which               Due: 5/28/20

you explain the three most important things that you learned by watching this episode.

(Tell me what you learned...AND...why it is important.)



Thursday 5/28/20 Online Learning Lesson 24


I. Read pages 728-731 and answer questions 1-3 on the sinking of the Lusitania.                Due: Monday 6/1

This was one of the events that brought the US into the war.


Monday 6/1/20 Online Learning Lesson 25


I.  Watch episode II  video of WWI in Color and then write a 1/2 to 1                                       Due: 6/3/20

page reflection in which you explain the three most important things that you learned

by watching this episode.  (Tell me what you learned...AND...why it is important.)


Wednesday 6/3/20 Online Learning Lesson 26


I. Watch this video lesson on WWI.


Friday 6/5/20 Online Learning Lesson 27 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!


I. Watch this video message from Mr. Dupuis


II. Turn in all missing work.


III. Put your textbook in a dry, safe place where you'll remember to return it to KHS in the fall.



















Study Guide  (Having trouble opening this?  Make sure you are logged in to your RSU 21 account.)


 10.  Read the following article and then answer the questions                         

on the document below.  (Use the link to open the document.  

The document will open in your Google Drive.  Make a copy and then complete the assignment.)

http://www.history.com/topics/thirty-years-war  (Article)

https://docs.google.com/a/rsu21.net/document/d/1rIury3Z54KHbh-L_-0tiV5ZV2cDfQNlUb-KVPSoCeBM/edit?usp=sharing (Worksheet)


Ninth Grade Research Assignment


Sample Annotated Bibliography 

Sample Paper

(This is a silly paper written by a teacher to show you the format and length of the paper.  Pay particular attention to format, length, citations, and works cited page.  Your paper should be set up in the same manner.)






World War I Resources

Lecture Notes  

Final Exam: Start studying early!!!  

World History Final Exam Quizlet



Trouble shooting the Five Paragraph Essay                              








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