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Introduction to Psychology

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Assignment Calendar 


This is a digital assignment calendar.  The assignments listed below are due on the dates listed.  This list is put on-line as a tool in order to help you organize your time in order to help you plan your assignments in the class as the year progresses.




Assignment                                                                          Due Date



Unit 1 Resources: History of Psychology


UNIT 1 Class Notes (Chapters 1 and 2): 

Chapter 1 Notes 

Chapter 2 Notes       (Ch. 2 Notes) 


UNIT 1 Test Preparation: 

Chap. 1 & 2 Quizlet

Study Guide



Unit 2 Resources: Human Development



Child Devo notes.pdf


Unit 2 Test Preparation:

Devo Psy Rev Sheet 2015.doc

Unit 2 Quizlet



Unit 3 Resources:  Biopsychology 


Class Notes: 

biopsychology notes.pdf


Unit 3 Test Preparation

Quizlet for Biopsychology Test

Review Sheet (For biopsy section)




Unit 4 Altered States of Consciousness 


Class Notes:

ASoC Notes.pdf  (ASoC Unit Class Notes)


Unit 4 Test Preparation:


ASOC Quizlet 

 Drug Information Sheet




UNIT 5 Sensation and Perception and Conditioning


Class Notes:


Sensation and Perception/ Conditioning Notes


Unit 5 Test Preparation:


S&P Quizlet


Final Exam                                                 


Review Materials


Final Exam Quizlet     


Attention second semester students:  All students are required to take the final exam regardless of whether they are participating in the Senior Project.  
















Monday 3/16 Online Lesson 1



Wednesday 3/18/20 Online Lesson 2


I. Use your Chromebook and textbook to Complete this assignment         Due:   Fri. 3/20

(Brain and Neuron Diagrams)

II. 14 Day Dream Log.  Each morning record the date and a short             Due: 4/1

write-up of the dream you had the previous evening.  If you don't dream,

then enter "I don't remember dreaming."  The purpose of this is to help you

remember your dream.  Put a notebook and a pen someplace where you will

see it when your first wake up.  99% of dream every night.  We just forget.  This

will help you to remember.


Friday 3/20/20 Online Lesson 3


I. Watch Stress: Portrait of a Killer                                                              Due:  Tues. 3/24                  

 in class and then write a 1/2 to 1 page reflection on what you learned about the connection between a person's stress and his/ her position on the social hierarchy scale.  (Papers that are not at least 1/2 page double-spaced, are written in one paragraph, or contain multiple grammatical mistakes will be penalized.)


Tuesday 3/24/20 Online Lesson 4


I. Watch and take notes over Biopsychology part I and part II


II.  Consider trying a guided meditation to help you release some stress.  


Thursday 3/26/20 Online Lesson 5


I. Read pages 160-168 answer questions 1-4. Read page 169 answer questions 1-3.

Need a copy of the book?  Use this link




Monday 3/30/20 Online Lesson 6


I. Watch the lecture over the nervous system.

II. Watch the computer video showing how neurons work when they fire.  

III. Answer reviewing vocab. questions. 1-10 on pg. 178.                              

IV. Email 14 day dream log to Mr. Dupuis by 4/1 as well.  


Wednesday 4/1/20 Online Lesson 7


I. Read pages 170-173 and answer questions 1-4                                  



Friday 4/3/20 Online Lesson 8


I. Watch lesson one of Altered States of Consciousness and take notes.


II. Read pages. 183-190 and answer questions 1-4.  Be sure to type               

your name, and title at the top of the page before emailing to me.


Tuesday 4/7/20 Online Learning Lesson 9                         


I. Watch the lecture over the four theories of dreaming.


II. Select three dreams from your dream log.  Briefly describe the first               

dream and then explain which of the dream theories below fits that dream

best in the first paragraph.  Repeat the process for the 2nd and 3rd dreams.

(Unconscious Wishfulfillment Theory, Activation Synthesis Theory, and Reverse Learning Theory).


Thursday 4/9/20 Online Learning Lesson 10


I. Watch this short lesson over hypnosis and meditation.


II.  Watch this video from Youtube over hypnosis.  


III. Check your quarter 3 grades/assignments to see what you are missing and turn in your work.


Monday 4/12/20 Online Learning Lesson 11


I. Review the following handout over drugs.  (Consider these to be class notes)


II. Begin Drug Classification Research.                                             


Wednesday 4/14/20 Online Learning Lesson 12


I. Finish Drug Classification Research                                             


II. Have a great vacation!


Monday 4/27/20 Online Learning Lesson 13


I. Read pages 207-213 answer questions 1-4 on p. 213               


Wednesday 4/29/20 Online Learning Lesson 14


I. Watch this video by David Eagleman and answer the                     

following questions.  

1. How is the perception of humans limited?

2. What is an umwelt?

3. How is David Eagleman trying to change it for humans?


Friday 5/1/20   Online Learning Lesson 15


I. Watch this video over illusions


Tuesday 5/5/20     Online Learning Lesson 16


I. Watch this short 1 month to go video.


II.  Spend the day checking your grade (needs to be above a 70 in order to pass (P) the course) and complete any missing assignments.


Thursday 5/7/20     Online Learning Lesson 17


I. Watch this video lesson over Sensation and Perception


II.  This video was supposed to be watched prior to the illusion video on 5/1, but the link was not working, and I didn't notice until today.  I'm sorry for the confusion.


III.  Read "Seeing is Believing" on p. 232 and answer questions 1-3.  Answer vocab questions 1-10 on p. 234.


Monday 5/11/20 Online Learning Lesson 18


I. Watch this video lesson over the second part of Sensation and Perception.


II. Complete the test over Altered States of Consciousness and Sensation and                    

Perception that has been put on Google Classroom.


Wednesday 5/13/30


I. Finish your test.                                                                                                                    

Test is open note, open book.  Type your answers into the document through

Google Classroom and then submit it to me when you are finished.

This is the LAST assignment for seniors who are doing the Senior Project.


II. Complete any missing work.                                                                           


Friday 5/15/20 Online Learning Lesson 19                                                            


I. Read pages 241-249.  Answer questions 1,3,4 on p. 248.  Answer                           

questions 1-3 on p. 249.


Tuesday 5/19/20 Online Learning Lesson 20


I. Open these notes (this is a classical conditioning worksheet usually completed in class during this lesson)


II. Watch this video lecture over Classical Conditioning.


Thursday 5/21/20 Online Learning Lesson 21


I. Read pages 250-258. 


II. Watch this short video to learn about Operant Conditioning.


II.  Watch this video about the most amazing dog you will ever see.


III.  Write a 1/2 to 1 page reflection in which you explain what concepts                  

of Conditioning the dog's owner used to train the dog.





Sensation and Perception Notes




-See the second half of the Sensation and Perception Notes in the preceding unit.


Tuesday 5/26/20 Online Learning Lesson 23


I. Open the class notes above.


II.  Watch the following video over Operant Conditioning


III. Read pages. 447-454 and answer questions 1-4.


Thursday 5/28/20 Online Learning Lesson 24


I. Read pages 455-459 and answer questions 1-4.

II. Watch this video lecture over anxiety disorders and phobias.  

(I filmed this video for my Psyc 100 class so I may mention ch. 14.  This unit is covered in ch. 16 in our textbook.)


Monday 6/1/20 Online Learning Lesson 25


I. Watch this video lecture over how Psychological Disorders are diagnosed.


Wednesday 6/3/20 Online Learning Lesson 26


I. Complete any make up work.


Friday 6/5/20 Online Learning Lesson 27 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!


I. Watch this short video from Mr. Dupuis


II.  Put your book in a safe place where you'll remember to return it in the fall.


III. Have a great summer!































4. Everest Worksheet                                                                      11/26


5. Nightlife Worksheet                                                                      Mon. 12/9


6. Drug Category Presentations                                                       Wed. 12/11



7. Altered States of Consciousness Test                                          Fri. 12/13


8. Rain Man Reading and Worksheet                                                  Mon. 1/6


9. College Day.  Bring Food and/or drinks to share                              Fri. 1/10





Sensation and Perception Notes




-See the second half of the Sensation and Perception Notes in the preceding unit.


Final Exam                                                  Wed. 1/22                                        


Final Exam Quizlet       https://quizlet.com/67013304/psychology-final-exam-flash-cards/
































Conduct a free association quiz with a subject.  Ask 20 words.  Let them respond for 20 seconds.  Write up: Part One: List the 20 words that you asked along with the first four words your subject says as well as anything relevant.  Part Two: Reflect on the following in 1/2 to one page.  What did you learn about your subject from this assignment? (Could you make any conclusions on how words/knowledge is stored in your subject's mind?)  How reliable were your results from a scientific perspective? 


2. Please write a 1/2-1 page reflection over this documentary over the                         9/18                      

life of Sigmund Freud.  Remember: a reflection requires you to pick two

or three things that you saw in the documentary and then share your thoughts

about them.  This assignment should not be a summary of what you have seen.

Have Netflix?  Here is the link.  Genius of the Modern World: Sigmund Freud


3. Read pages 4-14 and complete Ch.1.1-1.2 Worksheet found on                              9/22

Google Classroom.






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